Voted Best Massage Therapist in the Upper Valley

by some very happy clients in Vermont and New Hampshire! It’s a real privilege
to not only receive this award, but to have the opportunity to work with
such wonderful clients who felt me worthy of the vote!

croppedwebsiloMyoI see many people in my office who come to me as a last resort; they have been living with chronic pain and decreased mobility, sometimes after having tried numerous pain medications, chiropractic, and even physical therapy, with little or no relief. Often, just one session will give them a sense of hope that they can find relief. Sometimes it takes several visits to regain full mobility and reduce the pain, but in all cases, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to help them get their bodies back! This is my passion, and to have that passion rewarded by the appreciation
of my clients is all that a massage therapist could
ask for!

Of course, I would not be where I am without the many other fine massage therapists in the Upper Valley who I have worked with, and whom I have learned so much from along the way.