The Body as Classroom

Over the past year an uncanny phenomenon has been developing: as an active individual and someone who uses my body in my work, I develop an injury or a set of symptoms that I must then learn about and treat to regain the use of that body part. Then, incredibly, I receive calls from clients, mostly new, with identical symptoms or a similar set of issues that they need help with. I have already done all the research and work on my own body, so I am an expert in how to treat the problem!

This has most recently manifested as a set of sore tendons around my knee and foot that began when I started running again after many years. I knew it wasn’t a joint issue, but knowing so much more about the body than when I first began running 20 years ago, I wanted to know exactly what was going on and nip it in the bud.

After some research, bodywork, and alot of stretching and foam rolling, I began to see results and knew I could manage it and continue running without discomfort. Almost immediately after, I received an email from someone in – get this – North Carolina (!) who was coming to VT on vacation and had a similar set of symptoms. Of course, I didn’t know until I saw her that it was almost the identical problem, but I was able to determine quickly what needed to be done, and had her on her way to pain-free running by the time she headed back home.

I used to get very cranky when I injured myself, but now I see it as a challenge and am eager to learn what new lessons my body has to teach me!_