Self Care in the New Year

400px-lighter-foam-rollerThis year for Christmas I received a trigger point roller and
a Theracane, both used for self-myofascial release. I asked Santa for both items, even though I get regular bodywork every two weeks. I find that I need to self-treat some part
of my body every day. Yep. I said every day

When I ask my clients if they’ve been using their roller, it’s because I know the benefits of releasing tight muscles and unwinding fascia on my own. I also have a TRX body weight trainer, some bands, and assorted balls that I use to strengthen weak opposing muscles. I do practice what I preach and am not just giving lip service to the latest fitness fad.

The best part? By practicing good self care, the next time I receive body work from my massage therapist, we’ll be picking up where we left off last visit, or even from an improved position, rather than starting all over again!