Noticeable Results in 2-3 Weeks!

I have an enthusiastic personal training client who is in her mid 50s and recently started working with me once a week. She had been fit in her youth, but has not been getting much exercise in past years. Her goal is to regain (if not surpass!) some of her previous fitness levels.

We’ve met just three times and are working on balance, core strength and flexibility. Between our sessions I give her exercises to do on her own as well as walking and biking assignments. She has been diligent about doing her homework. (I wish all my clients were so compliant!)

Today, when I asked her if she was noticing any improvements she said, “Oh, this is funny. I went to see my chiropractor earlier this week – I see him every two weeks – and he asked, ‘Have you been exercising? Something’s different!’ So I guess I am making progress!”

Yup, just three weeks of dedicated exercise can make a difference! I love these stories as they affirm that the body is highly adaptable and is constantly responding to the demands we make on it. Noticeable results in just 2-3 weeks of a committed exercise program. Rock on!