Massage Covered by Health Insurance?

Could be so. There’s an interesting article in the New York Times Health and Wellness section on getting alternative therapies covered by health insurance.

It requires more legwork on the patient’s part, but it seems that some health insurance companies will acquiesce with persistence and the right documentation.

“More often, says Linda Bourdosis, a patient advocate at the Block Center, coverage is more subtle. For instance, your insurer may pay for certain specific treatments — massage therapy for muscle strains, for instance,… prescribed by your primary physician for a diagnosed ailment and coded correctly.”

I was able to get therapeutic massage (myofascial release, to be exact) covered by my insurance when referred by a physical therapist and diagnostic codes were supplied with the invoice. So, with a little commitment and perseverance we can start to change the system. What a great day when therapeutic massage is viewed as a viable medical treatment!!