Massage as Pure Pleasure

…for the giver, that is.

I’m currently teaching a non-academic massage course to Dartmouth students, mostly couples. I’ve tried to instill the idea that this should be fun for both parties, and what I’m seeing is the sheer pleasure of learning the skill and making their partners feel good. There is a lot of experimentation and communication between the couples and they are having a great time!

I wish that more massage therapy students could bring this attitude to their formal training. So many of them are overly concerned with whether they are doing it right, rather than exploring the body and feeling the muscles and tissues. Perhaps, unlike my Dartmouth couples, this is because they are working on classmates – people they don’t know well, or because they are putting pressure on themselves to be “good” right away.

Whatever the cause, I think they are missing the boat. Giving massage should be pleasurable to the giver as well as the receiver, and most of all, fun!