What Causes a Knot?

Many of you have asked me what causes these pesky, painful lumps in our muscles. There are many causes: poor posture, repetitive movements, physical and emotional stress, and even exercise. The body experiences all of these as trauma and reacts by increasing blood flow to the area for the purpose of tissue repair. Inflammation is a natural immune response that causes heat, swelling and an involuntary contraction of the muscle (spasm) in defense.

As a result of this prolonged muscle contraction, adhesions (or knots) form, causing pain and inhibiting movement. Left untreated, they can form permanent structural changes, postural imbalances, and limit range of motion, setting the body up for risk of further injury.

Yes, that knot in the middle of your back can affect your tennis serve, your ability to turn your head side to side, and even your ability to chew properly! Massage helps to loosen and remove these knots, relieving pain and joint stress, improving muscle imbalances and increasing range of motion.

There’s no way to avoid getting some knots, but by treating them regularly we can keep our bodies loose and supple, reducing our risk for further injury!