Massage: Far More Than An Indulgence For Athletes

Looking to improve your performance, avoid injury, or recover from one? Massage could be the answer. Everyone knows that a massage feels good, but are there really benefits to getting regular bodywork? General results for ahtletes include increased flexibiltiy, reduced muscle soreness, and quicker recovery. However, there are even greater benefits from sport-specific massage: the […]

Foam rolling hamstrings revisited

My own personal trainer and mentor, Scott Stone, informed me that the hurdle stretch, which is illustrated in my post about foam rolling the hamstrings is contraindicated for anyone who’s had an MCL (medial collateral ligament) tear and generally not recommended for anyone else, in order to avoid such a tear. Although the position of […]

Everybody needs a vacation

And I’m about to take mine. Rest and relaxation is one of the most important ways your body rejuvenates. I’ll be on a small island in a lake in New Hampshire with a number of good books, my yoga mat, foam roller and a kayak. My only challenge is to swim every day, and it […]

Foam Rolling Hamstrings

Running has created a monster in my left leg. My hamstrings have taken on a life of their own and are tighter than I ever imagined they could be, causing soreness at the knee. I’ve been stretching and using a foam roller to find the optimal method to keep these tigers under control. Here’s what […]