Massage: Far More Than An Indulgence For Athletes

Looking to improve your performance, avoid injury, or recover from one? Massage could be the answer. Everyone knows that a massage feels good, but are there really benefits to getting regular bodywork? General results for ahtletes include increased flexibiltiy, reduced muscle soreness, and quicker recovery. However, there are even greater benefits from sport-specific massage: the […]

Neuromuscular therapy to improve running

So it’s marathon season. I see a lot of runners in my practice. One in particular stands out. He’s in his ¬†early 40s and has run 16 consecutive Boston marathons. This past year he started having problems with his right hip and groin which gave him a lot of discomfort and slowed him down, though […]

8 weeks ’til the Boston Marathon

If you’re planning on running, you should be getting bodywork every week between now and then!

Foam rolling hamstrings revisited

My own personal trainer and mentor, Scott Stone, informed me that the hurdle stretch, which is illustrated in my post about foam rolling the hamstrings is contraindicated for anyone who’s had an MCL (medial collateral ligament) tear and generally not recommended for anyone else, in order to avoid such a tear. Although the position of […]

The Body as Classroom

Over the past year an uncanny phenomenon has been developing: as an active individual and someone who uses my body in my work, I develop an injury or a set of symptoms that I must then learn about and treat to regain the use of that body part. Then, incredibly, I receive calls from clients, […]

Noticeable Results in 2-3 Weeks!

I have an enthusiastic personal training client who is in her mid 50s and recently started working with me once a week. She had been fit in her youth, but has not been getting much exercise in past years. Her goal is to regain (if not surpass!) some of her previous fitness levels.

What Causes a Knot?

Many of you have asked me what causes these pesky, painful lumps in our muscles. There are many causes: poor posture, repetitive movements, physical and emotional stress, and even exercise.