Avoiding Injuries As Summer Approaches

LMWDSC_5137The good weather has finally arrived and everyone is outside, shaking out their bodies and becoming active again. Now is the
time that we begin to notice how stiff we’ve become over the
winter months, or that we haven’t been training enough for that
race at the end of next month. This is when injuries can occur! Overzealous gardening or yard work on the weekends and stepping up the training too quickly can cause strains, sprains, and general tightening and soreness. Don’t let these symptoms set you back; massage is an excellent way to help you ease back in to the more active lifestyle of the warmer months.

I’ve created more availability by adding a new therapist, Christine Pilot, to the practice. She offers a fabulous full-body tune-up to get you, and keep you, in shape for summer activities. She has worked with Dartmouth varsity athletes and can help prevent you from getting
injuries that can slow you down.

If you’re recovering from an injury or surgery and want to get out there faster, my time has been freed up to do more rehabilitative and sport-specific work. Want to improve your time, increase your distance, or correct your swing? We want to help make this summer your best one yet!